Partial marks feature

They’ve probably been here for ages, but I only just noticed! Thank you! :blue_heart::tada:

Edit: Discovered as I was checking through my Grade 7 Geography report check-in (more here> Geography report writing - check-in formative). Q1 is for their report title, and assigning partial marks lets them know they are on the right track, I’ve seen it, but there are some adjustments needed. Those adjustments have been delivered through the feedback function for each student as required. It will also help me identify updates from the students and remind me what to revisit and with whom!


Glad that the ability to give part points/marks helps you Kelly! I agree, that ability to give extra specificity to what counts as a completely correct response vs. one that is almost there can be super helpful for following up with students!

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@david, honestly… When I was first beginning to use tech in the classroom, this feature is why I switched from using another site to using Formative! It is wonderful to be able to manually award partial points for many reasons: I don’t have to keep track in my head how many extra points to give on top of the auto-correct; the students enjoy being able to see their “real” score; it keeps me from relying too much on the tech to grade my students’ work :wink: THANK YOU!

This has been why it’s been so powerful for me. The students can see that I have seen their answer, and if the circle isn’t green they know to look for the constructive feedback bubble!

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I set my problems to 10 points apiece so I can color code feedback to students. If it auto-grades and turns red, they know they missed something. I type feedback and change the scores so they read orange (wrong but feedback given) or yellow (on the right track, needs improvement for full credit). The kids know when the bubble changes color to go back and look for feedback and tips for where they may have made a mistake.

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