Partner or Group Work

Is there a way for students to collaboratively work on a formative together? Not just sitting next to each other completing questions simultaneously, but rather, working on the same one? Is it possible to assign formatives to partners or groups?


You might consider using Google Meet Breakout Rooms (if you are using that platform). Assign the Formative through the Google Classroom (as an assignment would be given normally), but let students know that one of the Breakout group members will be the secretary and will submit the assignment when they are done on behalf of their own group. When they are in the Breakout rooms, students can present to each other. They can also collaborate on Jamboards.

This doesn’t really answer the question directly because I don’t know the answer to that; consider this a work-around. Best of luck.

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Perhaps you could embed the Jamboard into the Formative, so all kids have access. Depending on the size of the Jam, you could have ALL the groups in the same Jam (one per Frame/set of Frames)… or you may have to create a copy of the Jam for each group… which could be put individually into the Formative OR in separate formatives. The Jam would need to be either shared with anyone with the link OR individual group Jams can be Shared with specific members so other students cannot interfere.

Hi Tricia,
I was not able to embed Jamboard into formative. It looks like Jamboards coding is specific to not allow it to be embedded. Have you had any success?

I was not successful just now either. :frowning_face: My workaround would be to post the link to the Jam in the Formative. Tell kids to hold CTRL while they click the link and it will open the Jam in a new tab instead of replacing the Formative tab. (You can type text and hyperlink 'Group 1" “Group 2” etc, if you have one Jam per group/class.) Students can participate on the Jam and take a screenshot of their work and upload it into a SYW problem. The nice part is that you can also open Jam into a new tab and view students as they work.