Pearl Harbor Lesson

I was hoping to have had this done by Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day, but I did not have time.

Here is my Pearl Harbor Formative:

Here is my HyperDoc lesson: Pearl Harbor HyperDoc

Here is my clone code:


This is SO cool Ashly :sunglasses: There are so many things I love about this formative! To start, I love how you are using multiple choice questions to help students engage in metacognitive thinking (shout out to @kallgood for reminding me of that phrase) and reflect on their learning. I also love how you embed Google Slides to both give different groups access to different information and help them create their own products of learning! Also, embedding Padlet is great for helping students synthensize and “jigsaw” the information as a class!

Lastly, I really appreciate you providing the accompanying Hyperdoc as it really provides the context for how Formative fits into your overall lesson!

I definitely encourage other @SSHistory_Educators to check this out!

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Thanks David… except the last part is NOT going to work, darn it. I want them to be able to simply click on the Collaborative Slides Group, and add to it. They won’t be able to do it from the embed … so I might have to add a link instead… unless someone knows a trick that I don’t?


I haven’t found anything in Google documentation that allows for this, but will definitely keep my eye out!

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