Phases Of The Moon

I want share this formative I made about phases of the moon! I am excited about it because it’s the first time I am using the Association Triangle Strategy to help students make connections between keywords. It’s also the first time I am tagging my formative to NGSS for growth tracking!

My students will first watch the quick video and write sentences for each line connecting two words, explaining how the two words are connected. After that, they share with a partner and finally write a sentence in the middle of the triangle to describe how all three words are connected. This activity is supposed to help students bridge conceptual knowledge and build a deeper understanding of the vocabulary words.

I’d love to hear what others think and it they’ve used this strategy or any others to help students acquire concepts.


This would be great for vocabulary as well as big concepts like figurative language where you have subtitles that connect and they all relate to one another in a sense. Also, it would be great to do this with characters as well. You could show how they relate and how the reader sees those connections within their reading. Thank you for the great idea and visual.


You are welcome Lisa :smiley: I am glad to help and it’s good to know that this strategy could work for English too.