Point values please... and other Cha-Cha-CHANGES!

I would like to see:

1- Create a true matching activity
2- Change the sorting activity to enable teachers to select “use answer only once” or “use answers multiple times”… so that if it’s once… kids can use the term, and then it goes away so they can focus on the remaining.
3- Make the embed window bigger. It looks weird being that small.
4- For multiple point questions, where partial credit is possible… teachers should be able to set the grading parameters… for example, I have a 5pt sorting question. A student got one wrong and was auto-graded as 3/5, in stead of 4/5. 4 of the 5 were right… why does auto grading give it 3/5?!
5- Enable teachers to assign different point values to different answers, as a “rubric” option.


Thanks for the feedback, Kary! We record every piece :slight_smile:

are you referring to the dimensions of something you embed into a formative? You can modify the height and width dimensions of the actual embed code to make it bigger or smaller.

Following up on this over private messaging :slight_smile: