Posting a Formative to Classroom as an Activity that is Scheduled for later

Is it possible to post Classroom from Formative so that it is scheduled and not immediately visible? If I want to schedule it for a later time I have to go to Classroom and click reuse and then delete the formative. Is there any easier way to do this?


Not yet, but this is definitely an idea that we are considering :slight_smile:


I normally copy the link to the first period class and then just click (For:) all the rest of the classes that I want to assign the formative. Also, this helps me, when I need to differentiate an assignments for select students as well (I click the class period and select the kids that I need to differentiate).

I know that is not your question, but it works pretty well and then I track the kids completions through Formative tracker. Formative trackers is awesome, I can see just about anything there and it provides a very neat and easy way to see those struggling learners (no offense to Google Classroom, but you have to either eye-ball it or run a report from Google Sheets or Flubaroo it. Hope this helps.