Pre-Writing and Checkpoints in writing (sharing a formative)

This is the first formative that I share.

Our school is in the middle of a big writing across the curriculum campaign. Students will be completing 2 writing assignments a year in each of their non-english classes including PE. For each assignment, the teacher selects an article related to their content and students write about the article following a prompt.

So I created a formative in which I could monitor my students’ writing before they submitted their final draft. I embedded a Flipgrid to get students thinking about the topic that we were writing about. I uploaded and enhanced a PDF (The article students were writing about). I used questions from NEWSELA to check for understanding.

I am science teacher so focusing on my students’ writing is something new. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Pre-Writing and Check Points during writing


This is absolutely masterful. Loved all the scaffolds you provided for the students as they interact with the material and the different checks you have them do as they progress through the writing. If I understand this correctly, the final paragraph, that is their response, is written in item 25. If this is true, you may consider adding a heading right before simply to indicate that this is where everything comes together. Though this is just a matter of preference.

I also teach science (middle school), and have district mandated writing three times a year in all content areas; we call it Writing Across the Curriculum. I tend to focus almost exclusively on argumentative prompts. So, if you are ever in need of resources for this, drop me a line.


Thanks for your feedback @mgarcia. Yes, item 25 is the final paragraph and adding a “heading” is a great idea. Any resources would you have would be great since it appears that your school and my school are the same boat in terms of “writing across the curriculum”.


@mgarcia I was actually going to use the adjective “masterful” too! @apadilla I also love all the scaffolds you put in place and how you encourage students to work together! I also really like how you’ve laid out the directions and made it so students can progress at their own pace.


A really good source of prompts for Science and Social Studies, that include the reference materials already at a middle school level is the brand new KQED Learn. It is only available in the US, unfortunately, and you do need to register to use it (it is from PBS, so registration is absolutely FREE and there will never be any charge or need for a credit card). Currently, my students are writing responses to:
Should we expand the use of nuclear energy?
Should we genetically modify organisms to fight disease?
Should we bring back extinct species?


I don’t know why it never occurred to me to embed a FlipGrid assignment into a Formative. I love using FlipGrid for prewriting! I really like the idea of having everything in one safe place.