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How many in this community invest in the premium version of Formative? Which features do you use most often that you cannot live without?

I’ve created a ‘workaround’ for working with audio files, but I am wondering if the convenience is worth the investment for myself and my students.


:slight_smile: Pam


Hi Pam @dentlerp, I started with the free version in order to get to know Formative better. Then a fellow worker of mine went to premium - I stayed with the free account for some time. Because we’re already preparing stuff for after the summer holidays, I decided to go premium: The thing I like most is, that there are no upload limits for pdf- and doc-files. I use them a lot because I’m using my paper version tests and convert them into Formatives. And I like the categorizing and resequence part.

The Formative Team is doing such an amazing job and I believe that this product is one of the best that’s available out there. Therefore, I like to support them by investing in a premium version (last week, there was the release of the copy paste feature and I believe that more great stuff is coming soon). I even convinced my headmaster to go for a school license. :smiley: At the moment we’re setting this up.



The Tracker is pretty great!


For me the clincher was the additional question types. I teach mostly history and geography, so the sequencing and categorising question types are gold.


My first payment came a few months ago when our reading curriculum asked us to create a podcast. The audio recording option lined up perfectly with that. My only wish is that the audio recorded every time and that we could actually fast forward and pause or stop the audio. At this point there is start, stop, and pause, but those only work if you hit refresh on our Chromebooks. The other reason why I paid for Goformative was the unlimited PDFs available to import. Transitioning from making copies to only using Goformatives linked onto Classroom Google has been easy and the kids never lose a paper.


This is super helpful. I agree that more audio controls would be great…the way Formative moves- I’m sure it’s ‘on the list’ for feature enhancements! We also use Chromebooks and Google Classroom. I went almost completely paperless a few years ago. However, I have found that with foreign language, there are just some things at must be tactile and hand-written for optimal retention and results. Now, we are a very comfortable mix…there’s a nice balance of digital and paper…with the option to be 100% one way or the other to make accommodations for special needs, etc… Interacting with uploaded PDFs is a HUGE gain, however for our productive language & impromptu speaking skills…this feature alone will add Formative premium to my future budget for class!

Thanks for sharing your experience with premium features!


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I’m excited to try the audio feature now. Your post is very insightful about the features, and gives me a little more information about what I should expect. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the feedback Randal! We can definitely working on improving this!

Now we can enjoy the premium for free
Thanks to Formative teamPremium for free

Go Formative Rocks–THANK YOU for sharing the premium version with educators as we were all thrown in to online learning unexpectedly and for a longer duration. I have fully taken advantage of testing out all of the cool options that come with a premium subscription (I have been using Go Formative for years, but just the free version) and I plan to purchase the Premium (or possibly talk my department/school in to making a Premium purchase???) before the new school year begins as it is money well spent and now that I know how the other half lives I can’t go back. LOL I am doing my best to share out your wonderful platform with my fellow teachers!


I would love to be able to upload audio files I already have. I can only see a way to record my own audio on Formative at the moment. Can you upload audio too and I am missing that? If not, this would be my feature of preference!