Presenting Formative to an audience

I like to open a new topic to gather and collect everything that is connected to “presenting Formative to an audience”.

Please respond to

  1. Presenting Formative to colleagues in your own school and
  2. Presenting Formative on a symposium or congress

I’m sure that one day 1 or 2 is up for you! :grinning:

What you can do with a Formative.


I am still working on my latest, but I will be sharing it soon!


On Tuesday, I presented Formative to my Team. They are all very excited and hoping to get the Chromebooks for each student soon…

Therefore, I will respond to 1.:

That’s how I presented Formative, within one hour (number 7 was omitted due to limited time)

  1. Fill out a Formative from the student’s perspective
    While they were doing this, I had the beamer on and gave live feedback
  2. We discussed the answers (with hidden names), had a focus on auto correction and grading in general and the copy paste alert
  3. Tracker and Standards
  4. Help-Center and Community
  5. “What you can do with a Formative” including clone codes for single Formatives or folders. In a folder, I’ve provided Formatives in math, science and different languages
  6. Participants created a Formative themselves (and I was walking around and helping out)
  7. Presentation of the created Formatives

Here is my presentation for next week! I am in need of feedback please!!! Also, feel free to comment if you see any typos!!!


@msashlylcot Wow, well done Ashly! A thing that distracted me was that sometimes letters and pictures are squeezed unproportionally (e.g. page 5 with letters, picture on page 16).
Is it possible to scan a qr-code from that distance?
I could see that page 20 is animated. However I was not able to play that through (probably because of the view-modus). I guess that 1., 2. and 3. will not show up at the same time. You could omit slide 20 because in 21 you have the visuals and I would prefer that.

Slide 25 will not be possible because your audience doesn’t have classes, yet. You planned this on slide 39 - I advise you to switch that.

You could do live feedback before slide 34 - while your audience is filling out their Formatives.

Don’t forget to tell your audience that you will lead them question by question. Otherwise they will be working through themselves in advance :wink:

slide 43 and 44: pictures are not proportional

I very much like slide 60 and 61! :smiley:

If you set the permission to “comment”, we could comment on your slides directly and you could use or dismiss the comment.

Other improvement: take a screen shot from the community.


Thank you so much for the feedback … I forgot to mention they will have copies of the slides in front of them so this was actually meant to be a how to guide for them after the presentation… I’m going to go back through and revise based on your suggestions! That was the feedback I needed!

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Here is my latest part 1 of 2 webinar Formative. I had to make it 508 compliant, so no fun visuals. I only have an hour to present, but I would love to hear feedback and any typos you might see.


#! Presenting Formatives to colleagues:

I too have used Formatives to show my colleagues how to use formatives. I assign them a guest code, so they can see it from a student perspective, but also share the clone code. Our school is in our first year of using Formative, so I have done several short PD’s to introduce one feature at a time. Below are a few I have used for PD:

embedding images using the whiteboard
Formative library
Non-Traditional Questions
embed Web content


In the pdf upload are some more question types possible, e.g. the new equation editor.
I don’t understand “Formative vocabulary”.


Thank you for some great ideas, @yazelj!

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@michael.lutz Well the idea was brought up to me to include “vocabulary” when presenting new tech tools to adult educator to get them familiar with the product. I may or may not include it -kind of depends what she wants. Thanks for mentioning the new question types.


I ended up revising the presentation and this one went really well. I ended up demoing some of the questions types and everyone was super excited!


Well done, @msashlylcot!


Just had to share that I FINALLY got it right. I presented my “How-to-Formative” webinar to adult educators in Texas today, and it was AMAZING; kept it simple, mostly modeled how to do each step, and got everyone really excited. I would love to share it, but I can’t. If anyone ever needs suggestions in the future, I would be happy to help because as awesome as Formative is… I have found it challenging to present (especially to tech-challenged teachers) because there might be a little too much “awesomeness” for some to handle.:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Hi, I just presented Formative to my colleagues in school - 1 hour long webinar on the use for students and teachers - I have a recording, but it’s in Slovene… :wink: Spreading the word in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Everybody loved it! Some of them will definitely follow my example and use it for assessment. I followed almost the same points as I’ve seen you have done @michael.lutz (i’ve acctually seen your post only after my presentation).