Pretest/Post-test Ideas

I was wondering if anyone else uses Formative for pretests and post-tests for curriculum units. Here is an example of one I use as part of my executive branch unit in U.S. Government: Does someone have a better process?

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Here is a link that works: . Please let me know your thoughts. @SSHistory_Educators

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I like the two questions you use for this pre-tests because I think they seem accessible to students with different levels of prior knowledge. I think that this is important because you not only get a better picture of what your class knows, but you also prevent them from shutting down immediately. I am not sure if this would skew your data, but I might suggest providing some pictures to help jog student memory on what they know. Also, I see that you are putting the standards in the question text. Have you tried tagging them within Formative so you can track student growth?

Iā€™d love to encourage others to check out your formative and hear how they use pre-tests as well. Educators, what kinds of questions do you ask? Do your pre-tests mirror what students will be asked at the end of the unit? :slight_smile:

How precisely do I tag the standards?

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Check out the two top help articles right here!