Prevent Erasing a Document Uploaded to Whiteboard or Draw Feedback

Greetings! Is there a way to lock a document or picture you upload to the background of Whiteboard or Draw Feedback? For example, I’ve been using Whiteboard to go over guided notes worksheets with the class. I upload the pdf to the Whiteboard and then write the answers on top with the scribble tool. However, if I try to erase anything I write, it also erases the document I uploaded to write on! Basically, the way we can upload a pic or document to background of “Show your work” for the students, where they can write/draw on top of it but cannot erase it…is there a way to do that on Whiteboard or Draw Feedback? Thanks!


Hey Ryan! Currently there isn’t a way to “lock” an image as a background, I went ahead and added the suggestion on your behalf to our feedback page for the team to consider, I think it would be super useful!! A work around for now might be to use the select tool, to drag it out of the way, or to use the undo button.


Great suggestion for the work around! Thank you!

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I use the undo option, but it would be great to lock it in. My students will submit a photo with all their work on it and I can’t go back into later to write on it. For instance, they miss the 2nd question and I provide written feedback, then I continue to check in the Formative and they miss #7 but there’s no way for me to go back the photo and write on it. I realize they can show a picture of their work beside each problem, but I give them the option of either way.

I think if you create a “show your work” question and upload the notes page then “preview the formative as a student” you can write on it and erase but the original won’t go away. I do this when showing students how to graph their graphing problems and the graph I inserted doesn’t erase when I do.
This should work if they are taking their own notes in the same Goformative assignment.


This is a great workaround idea! Thanks for the suggestion!