Preventing cheating between classes

Our 7th-grade math department loves the ability to use GoFormative’s standards tracking so much for our students’ daily work that we decided to give it a try for a quiz. However, what we found was that earlier classes were showing the quiz to students who had our classes later in the day.

We considered just handing out paper copies of the quiz and using GoFormative for blank questions to have students record their answers, but we’re really like for them to still be able to see the questions while they’re taking it.

We experimented with trying to close the Formative, but students can still see the Formative when this happens - they just can’t edit their work anymore. We tried unassigning it, but then it gets rid of the students’ answers.

Is there a way to make it so that I can control the times when the Formative link is live? For example, at the end of a class period, I want to be able to deactivate students’ access so that any student who clicks the link to go to the quiz or test would get a message telling them that it’s not available at this time, so they could only see the test questions during their class times when I reactivate the link?


You have to unassign the Formative from your different classes. Just closing isn‘t helping! The students‘ answer don‘t vanish: click „All“ and every answer/student is there :wink:. And don‘t publish the link in Google classroom. Let your students login through Formative and click the button „open“ to start the Formative.

And the other thing I do: I don’t put all my math students in one class and all my science student in another one and all my geography students in another class. I have a class A3a and a class A3b. If I do a math Formative with A3a, I just assign that Formative to A3a. After the lesson is finished, I unassign A3a. Then later in the day when A3b comes to the math lesson, I assign the math Formative only for A3b. I’ll do the same with all my other subjects:

I very much hope that makes sense for you, @jenny.santiano.


This is a great idea that we are definitely considering :wink: . We can also consider making it so that the class filters persist even after you un-assign the formative!


I do a few things to combat the cheating:

–The questions on the Formative are designed in such a way as to make them more complex so that the students will have difficulty reciting the questions/answers afterwards. They can’t say to each other, “Oh the answer to number 3 is B” etc. Luckily, most haven’t figured out that they can pull it up on their phone as we have only used Formative on the Chromebooks in class!

– One is to have students work in their groups to complete the Formative (they all can talk out answers, but each one has to key in his/her answers). So the focus is on the process, not necessarily the grade at the end. I will follow up later with an individually focused assessment using Edmodo quizzes (or paper!) because I can lock that down easier and all my questions/quizzes are banked.

– Two, I will give students participation grades for completing the formative (or any other tech tool we are using, like EDpuzzle or Actively Learn) based on where their scores fall in a range:
Scored O-S-U based on performance range.
O = >88%
S = >70%
U = >50%

I hate to say it, but there really is no way to prevent cheating 100%. So rather, I choose to combat it by making the “cheating” part of the process and having students talk to each other as they work through activities.


I totally agree that letting them work on a Formative together is a good idea, and then have the actual quiz or test on good old paper.
I sometimes tell my students that I just want to see where they are, “no grade attached”, just let me see where your learning is and how I can help you best. Most students are comfortable with that and will try to answer on their own without cheating. :slight_smile:


I teach math too so I feel your pain and concern here. I have specific assessments given to me from our District that I must use so I cannot change the questions or answers.
I do however create a “Class” for each class period that I have. Then when period 1 is done using the assessment, I unassign it and they cannot assess it anymore. When period 2 comes in and everyone is login in, desks cleared, etc., I then assign period 2 their assessment and so on. After everyone has completed the test and done their make up testing, I will open the test so that they can revisit the assessment but they cannot change anything.
I also so not let me make edits after submission, but I will given feedback once during the test. I do this because during a test/quiz I do not have the feedback go to them. For those I have to use multiple choice on they just guess through, so I turn off the feddback to them. I message them something like “try again” “work on this some more”, or “revisit this again”

Just some ideas.


This is what I planned on doing today in class. BUT. When I unassign I have found that their responses leave. I have the view changed to “All” but I still cannot find them.

When I change the view to “Unassigned” I cannot find the students’ responses either.

I am looking for access to that data without having it assigned to the class. This way the test between classes is not visible and I can still grade it.

Here is what I found at:

"Unassigning a formative from students in a class will cause their responses to disappear from your View Response page and Tracker.

You can re-assign to the same class and their data will re-populate."

So…it seems as though the only time I can see the data is after I re-assign it?

Currently, if scores aren’t set to be returned and you close the formative, students won’t be able to access it. You can always re-open and update your assign settings to return scores later. This would be great to do if you wanted to hide the formative while students aren’t in class and re-open when they are (as a way to prevent cheating) or if you wanted to hide while you graded and then return to them.


Yes!! This worked for me.

I was doing all kinds of crazy things with the students to try to get around it.

I wish there was a way to prohibit students from opening other windows while completing a formative


Thanks for the links.

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One way to prevent cheating is to randomize the order or switch the order by click and dragging the questions to a different order.