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I assigned a Formative where I uploaded a worksheet and then assigned only the even numbered problems on the worksheet. My students become very confused when the Formative numbers do no align with the worksheet problem numbers. Is there a way to change I can change the Formative numbering? The only thing I have thought of is to whiteout the problem numbers on the PDF before uploading it.


Hey Leslie!

The question numbers are automatically sequential so that you don’t have type in the question number every time you create a question. They also create a logical order for viewing the questions on your own View Responses page and elsewhere. That being said, we can definitely consider creating an option that allows you to change up the ordering (ex: “Use Odd Numbers Only”). We appreciate the feedback and record every piece!

@Leslie_Brunick I have a few suggestions that may help in the meantime as they have helped my kids :slight_smile: I generally place the Formative number over top the PDF number so it is hidden. I will then put in the directions to “complete the BLUE numbered problems on the following sheet” and don’t even reference any numbering from the original PDF so they aren’t looking for them. I will also do like I noticed you already did on your Formative and that is to clarify on individual questions as needed, for instance if I only want them to do a certain part or something. That’s all I can think of - hope it is helpful!


@Leslie_Brunick I’ve also used the cover the number method that @mnunkester uses. The crazy thing is, that if I don’t use all the problems on that worksheet, the kids STILL get confused! (Mostly because I think they don’t follow directions.)

Anyway, I found it to be less confusing if I did one of two things:

  1. Uploaded the ‘part’ of the worksheet I wanted (as image.) There have been so many updates this year I can’r remember if you can place a question on top of an image or not. If not, I would use the Snipping tool to copy sections and paste them into a Doc. Then I could upload that document and put my bubbles on top.

  2. Put a bubble over the problem numbers of the ones I don’t want and either type “SKIP” as the directions (with 0 points) or gave directions to the next problem I wanted them to work out (" Skip 2 through 4 and do #5,)

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These are great workarounds!

You may upload an image and place content/questions on top :slight_smile:

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