Professional Development Exit Tickets

I frequently teach PD for my district, and I love to train teachers how to use Formative. This is a short, sample Exit Ticket I created for the participants so that they could try out a few features of the application. What types of questions do you typically ask after a PD?


What worked overall and what we would change are two questions always asked to help with reflection.
Also, we look ahead to the next one. What still needs clarification and next steps as well.

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I love how you guys actively seek feedback about what could be improved about the PD session and specifically what should be focused on for next time. This has got me thinking about how we can apply this for the professional learning that we offer.

Thanks for sharing your Exit Ticket Formative. I am new to instructional technology coaching and I am constantly looking for new ways to engage my teachers with tech platforms. When I end my PD sessions, I always include questions, 1) How can you use this in your classroom with your students? and 2) How can I support you in this task?

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Thanks for sharing. I usually ask teachers how they plan to use the topic discussed in hopes that others can use that idea for their classroom.