Progressive Web App


As summer gets underway I’m finding more time to be on twitter and this PLN. I wondered if any of you have used Progressive Web Apps (PWA) before (Web versions of apps like Twitter and Google Duo)? I personally use Twitter Lite PWA and love it more than the Twitter app because it doesn’t install on my phone, just runs like an app.

I’d like to suggest that Formative @Jill_Nyahay work toward PWA standards that way it would work across all OS environments and browsers. Some schools are still BYOD, some have chromebooks, others have iPads etc. A PWA would bring unification across platforms that can be launched like an app, but is still web-based.

Here’s an explanation of PWA


Hey @albertbryant great info and thanks for the link! I’m asking our development team for their thoughts on this. :+1: