Proportional Relationships and Graphing

Can I have students plot points on a graph that I embed from a photo or do I need to use the graphing feature in the premium access?


You can put the photo of a graph on a Show Your Work question and then they can use the tools to graph over it. I sometimes make the graph large enough for the whole background of the show your work canvas, or I may leave a bit of space below or to one side if I want them to list an answer, such as the solution to the system, vertex, etc.


I use the Show your Work that @mnunkester suggests. The only trick I would add is to create the graph area with a light grid, but add any numbers or text directly on the show your work canvas so it appears crisp to the students. The first few times when I simply added the plotting area from a jpeg the students complained that “they could not read it”. Now that may very well be my kiddos ;), but removing this “obstacle” minimized the complaints.