Proposed Changes to Student Account Creation for GDPR Compliancy

Our international base is growing and in an effort to become GDPR compliant, we’ve worked out a change to the way student accounts are created.

Current process:
Students can create their own accounts on Formative by going to and then get a class join code from their teacher(s).

Proposed change:
A teacher will give the students a class join code that the students will need to create an account. Kind of like an access code.

This will not affect the process of teachers creating accounts for students from the Classes page, rostering from an LMS, Google Classroom/Clever class syncing, etc.–only students creating an account on their own.

We’d really like to hear your thoughts and how this would affect you or your colleagues in the classroom. Do you think there would be any hurdles for new teachers or even young learners?

My first response is that it would not matter either way, but what happens with students that already have an account created on a previous year? Or the same year only a different period? Will there be an “already have an accont” option where the students just add the new code?

@mgarcia great questions!

If students already have an account, they would log in and enter the class join code just as they do now.

The only change is for students that are creating a new account. They would need to be given the class join code to enter while creating the account.

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I want to be able to populate the class from my Google Classroom. That is not working at this time. Less time on getting the kids to log in sign up.

I already have all of my Math classes created and all of my students have already joined. However I have not created my Science classes yet but I had planned on creating those just like I did for my Math classes…I plan on creating those on Monday, should I expect to run into any problems while creating those classes? Everything seems to be working fine so far!:crossed_fingers:

@jking these changes haven’t taken place yet.

@bstone this will only affect students creating accounts on their own–not importing/syncing from Google Classroom or Clever. If you’re having any issues with Google Classroom, please use the chat button on the site to reach support or email