Providing Feedback with Assessments on Formative

Hello all,

I am new to the goformative website. I’d love to use it for summative assessments and I gave my first quiz to my algebra 1 guys. I love the upload pdf feature, the automatic grading and the google classroom connection but I am struggling with how to provide feedback. I’m used to being able to provide comments to the students work on google classroom via either a general comment or specific comment on the picture.

Any tips on how best to provide feedback to the kids on quizzes/tests using formative? I may have the students submit their work to classroom as well and provide comments there, but would love to do that on formative if possible. I’ve looked around and may be missing something, but any tips would be greatly appreciated!


If you do “show your work” problems, you can comment on their work by writing on it.

Hey Mark! I also teach math ( Geometry - 10th grade). My favorite feedback feature is the “Chart view” which groups together the students who answered similarly. Then I can leave feedback to all students who gave a particular response at once! :point_right:t5:Here’s how to get to “Chart View” - scroll to the very last section: View Responses for all questions or an individual question | Formative Help Center

Also, I JUST discovered how to include MathType inline without having to insert a “Math” function which helps when giving feedback as well. :point_right:t5:Look for the section on “Use LaTeX with any question type”.