Punctuation Practice with commas

Well. You all were a great help with my formative on comma rules and practice with MC questions. One suggestion was to increase the rigor through application and have students actually place the commas correctly in the sentences provided.

I create the following formative as a test. I was seeking information about exactly how “show your work” works, so I am not sure that what I have done is the proper and most effective way.

I would value any feedback.

Comma practice- Show your work

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I would write the sentence in the “show your work”:

click “Edit background” then use the “T” for text and click into the white board, then write your sentence. After that click “Done” at the top right corner.

explained in a picture:

Have fun!


Thank you @michael.lutz . I see the feedback you have given others and it is all very helpful. Thanks for sharing your time , knowledge, and experience.