Question about links?

Hello Everyone,
I have a question that I hope you will be able to help with. If I embed an edpuzzle, khan activity, quizlet, ect into my go formative where would I find the feedback? I am assuming that I would be viewing how the student did in the app that I linked or would it just have them do the activity without signing into app?

For example, I recently watched a video where someone put there quizlet into go formative would you then be able to find feedback on how your students did with the matching activity, ect. ? Thanks for your help with this!

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If you are using the “other platform’s” capabilities, you would need to have the students log into that platform in order to log/view their responses. This can be done by embedding whatever class link the tool gives you. In edpuzzle, for example it looks something like this

< iframe width=“470” height=“402” src=“**assignments/**56e22bbcd760c53f416d9184/watch” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen>

For me, this tends to not always work since I then have to log into the tool myself to see the scores, transfer them to whatever reporting system I have, etc.

What I prefer to do is embed the “public” version on formative, and add the questions I want students to answer on formative. From a discussion about this