Question: How do you use Formative

What are the some of the ways you have used formative? Does it work well with Google Classroom, such as importing students

I’ve found that it works well with importing students. It’s very helpful to ask different question types, along with asking questions about specific parts of a book, since you can “tag” the different areas in a PDF with questions.

I love the ability to watch students responding in real time, especially when they are drawing a response. Labeling diagrams by uploading an image and then adding short answer questions tagged to various locations works very well too.

Awesome tips already! As far as google classroom goes, I’d really recommend the grade passback feature! Make sure you select assign & post to google, for the formative to post to the stream of your synced google classroom, then once students have responded. you can use the 3 dot drop down menu to select grade passback, which will then send scores back to your google classroom!

I am using formative as another way to review content before our upcoming test. Honestly, I just like that it is novel for students. They are so over seeing the same platforms every day from class to class. This is an awesome new tool.

I use Formative to instruct small groups in an intervention type of model, as well as for whole group written response questions. I use it as an intervention by creating Formatives for skills that students have not yet mastered and assigning it to only those students. I have found that it works really well with Google Classroom!