Question - Using Formative during Blended Learning


I am moving toward using a blended learning model in my classroom, and I’m wondering how is the best way to incorporate Formative into that? I still want to be able to use Interactive Notebooks and physical exit tickets with students, but I also want to have something that can be self-graded and offer them quicker feedback. I’m just not sure how to utilize it best. Thank you!

I used Formative as a way to do Check Ins while were were online - check for understanding. It would be great to use for kids who think they’ve got a concept. Can do the check in and then use that to determine if they are ready to move forward or need a little more intervention or practice.
You can app smash too - combine in things like Desmos or videos for example.
I do like using it for assessments too of course including practice tests - the colour coding when looking at the whole class is really informative.

Hi Faith. I think the easiest way to wrap your mind around it is this: Use Formative instead of your traditional worksheets/textbook assignments.

For example: If I have a worksheet where the students work the problems and then color the sheet based on the answer they get, then I keep it a paper worksheet. However, if I have a worksheet where the students are just working problems and they want me to check their problems as they work to ‘see if they got the right answer’ and I have to grade all the answers later anyway, then I use Formative.

Many times I can just upload the worksheet into Formative and place ‘bubbles’ on top of each problem. It set up the Formative key based on my hardcopy key. Students show their work on paper and then insert their answer in the Formative. I have the problems set to give immediate feedback (red/green). I usually leave one problem at the end that I have to grade (don’t put in an answer key); reflection question, free response, or upload a pic of the worksheet.

I stopped using a textbook about 20 years ago, but if you are required to assign problems out of the text, you can still make a Formative. A quick go-to: Title the Formative the way you would assign it from the book…“p135 (2-20E)”… and add questions for students to input answers. Bubble 1 would be ‘problem 2’, bubble 2 would be ‘problem 4’, etc. They can be set to grade immediately or after submitting. Either way, you only have to look at the red bubbles to double check for other ways the students could have entered answers. MUCH faster than grading all the problems.