Question with timed tests

With e-learning being so prevalent now, I am wondering if goformative would consider making it so that a student could be given a time limit on a test. They can start at anytime but only be given an hour for the test. Our classes are limited by a different schedule right now. But, I’d like students to have a time limit when they do start and end something. Not all students are able to start and end at the same time under the current conditions. I love using goformative. It has been very helpful in many ways. Is this something goformative would consider doing. Are others interested in this as a feature


We are using this platform for some assessments too, so when we assign it the setting used is attached. This way the duration of the assignment is restricted, the assignment is hidden after completion to prevent any discussion.

I wonder if there is a time counter to show the time remaining during the assessment. I have asked students to use a clock at home.

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I agree whole-heartedly. This is the one feature that I would like to see added to the goformative more than anything else! In fact, for our final assessments this term we’ve had to use a different platform simply because we need to make sure the students don’t spend more than two hours writing the test. But, as you point out, we’d like them to have flexibility in terms of when they decide that those two hours are going to be (within the few days that the exam is available to them). Please add an allowable-time-spent feature for us!