Recording students' voice

Recording a student’s voice can easily be done with Formative:

With you can embed the recording with an iframe or send personalized feedback to your students by mail. Or students could send their recordings to you.

I successfully worked with recap, using the chat option for: “Which tips/notes would you give to new high school students?” and the video option for “Greet the new high school students in your native language using the video function”:

Which other recording tools do you use?


Vocaroo is by far the easiest and biggest tool to use. Speakpipe is limited with the free version and I tried Soundcloud until the district blocked it. Vocaroo, web-based and easy to embed or download the content.


Hi Michael,

Recording students voice is a great way to practise speaking and pronunciaton. I recently use a nice website called Clyp to record my students voice: