Recovering data after retake

I am a formative admin for my school and we just started using Formative.

I have a teacher who gave a formative, and then students were allowed to edit answers after receiving a poor score.

Is there any way to recover the original answers as that would be more effective in our data conversations. Thank you for any help that you can give,

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Not sure about ‘recovery’ but I have done two things:

  • have students correct their answers in the ‘feedback’/‘comment’ section for that problem. I see that they understand but I also have their original answers.
  • make a Copy of the original assignment and put “revise” or "corrections’ or ‘2nd attempt’ in the title. Sometimes I have students redo the whole thing (short assignments, simple answers) or ONLY the ones they missed (so I can focus only on the missed problems & can award back full or partial credit in my grade book).

Hi! I agree with the suggestions above. Another way is to have the teacher screen shot the data prior to resigning the formative.

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