Reduce administrative work with G Suite for Education

Dear community,

On Monday, January 15th (12:30-1:15 PM PST), I will be leading a virtual learning session about “Reduce administrative work with G Suite for Education” and will present:

  • great features in Google classroom
  • illustrate how a task is set up and how the integrated workflow with feedback for class assignments is used effectively
  • show how personalization in the classroom could be implemented
  • demonstrate auto grading
  • present an exciting solution for reserving a room or resources with 2-3 clicks, including students’ attendances / absences with 2-3 clicks

Michael Lutz,
Google Certified Educator

Update- Here’s the link to watch the session live or later:

I’m happy to share two of my ideas, as shown in the video:

Furthermore, I’m posting additional stuff for the workflow (forgot to show it in the video). And of course, we’re producing a lot coffee but the beans come from abroud :wink:

Happy reducing your administrative work with G Suite for Education!


Great idea to include a trailer Michael. It’s definitely got me excited to watch!


Hey Michael,
We gave this a shoutout on Twitter so that our full PLN can take advantage of this awesome learning opportunity!


Thank you @Angela_Gonzales!


If you or your colleagues are interested in reducing administrative work with G Suite for Education, I’ll be hosting a virtual learning session next Monday.

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It looks very interesting. I hope you could post the webinar link here. It will be impossible for me to make it as it will be 3:00 am in my time zone. :frowning:



@alison And with a strong coffee? I’m just kidding. :wink: Yes, I’ll be posting the webinar on top and you could ask your questions later.


Sorry, I have some time this summer before school starts and I’m going through posts I missed prior to joining the discussion group. :slight_smile:

I liked how you assigned a post to specific Team Leaders and they invited group members to collaborate. I can’t wait to try this out this year. I’m also looking forward to using the Choice Eliminator 2 add-on. I love the idea where students create a self-grading test and share the link with you… and then they assess their classmates!


One of the best aspects of G Suite for Education is the interactivity among students that is generated by the various apps. Today I had students create their own websites through their Google accounts for a project we are completing. And also, the self-grading tests are extremely useful!