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I have found Formative to be one of the best ways to do remote learning. That being said, it has started to drive me nuts in that I can’t figure out who has done what when, and what still needs to be graded/looked at. Because Formatives now are open from April until June, and students can do them whenever they are able, it has become really difficult to figure out when a kid submits something. I also give feedback, then allow students to go back and fix it. There is no way for me to know when a student has updated their answer. This is all driving me batty. Because I now have to go through every single formative I’ve given them since April. And I have to do this on at least a weekly basis because kids are working on different things at different times.

If remote learning is going to go on in the fall (which is what it looks like), I’d really like to see some way to list formatives that have been submitted and not checked, as well as formatives that have been updated and not checked.

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This may not be the answer you are looking for and I agree that those updates would be helpful, but here are my bandaids for these issues:

  1. I have feedback deadlines. I give feedback on every wrong answer but I have give them a deadline that is a week after it is assigned.
  2. I accept all late work for full credit (always have), but if a student submits an assignment after the deadline they must fill out a Late Work Form that I made in Google Forms, so that I am aware that they finished something. I have told students that I will look at it once a week.
    I had to do this because their procrastination was becoming my anxiety and I couldn’t do it any more.

I am having the same issue. I give feedback to students so that they will make corrections, but it is very difficult to go back through all my assignments to re-assess their work. Maybe when a student makes corrections, it could reset the question to being grayed out in the tracker mode.


I have SpEd and level 1 ELL students. I am only able to get them to do the assignments on line because this is the format we used in class. I can’t introduce something new to them without the ability to actually teach them and show them how to do it. I’m having a hard time getting them to just do the activities. Heck, I have a hard time getting them to remember to click “Login” and not “Signup”. No way they’re going to remember to send me a message or fill out a form on top of doing the work. If it is not a button they have to push immediately after finishing, it won’t be done. If they had to submit the work again, like in Google Classroom, that would work – but again, we’re back to Formative setting it up.

There has to be a way. Every other platform has a way to see work that’s been submitted, worked on after being submitted, resubmitted, submitted past a deadline, etc…Google Classroom’s To Do list for teachers is an excellent example.

As for deadlines…I can’t give deadlines because the school policy is that they have until June 12th to get the work done. If Formative had a way to mark work late, instead of just closing the Formative on a date, that could work, too.

They have changed it so that when you view responses and look at the totals, you can see which questions you have already commented on. This allows you look at everything at one time for everyone and know what has been commented on. If the question is still red, then you know the student has not fixed the answer. If it is now green, you know they did. This really helps me so I know which ones I’ve already looked and which ones I haven’t as students are completing assignments at a different pace. I think this is a great improvement and it makes me feel like Formative is listening, paying attention, and making changes as they can to help improve things for teachers.

I have been using another program that addresses the issue of students re-correcting their work. At the top of the screen (On GoFormative, it would be next to the “eye” icon), it has a “bell” icon. Whenever a student changes their previous answer, a message is sent to the “bell” icon. The teacher can then click on the bell, and it takes them directly to the changed answer for their review. Now, this is only for questions that require the teacher’s assessment. Multiple choice and the like are just recorrected automatically. There are some more features attached to this, but this seems the most applicable.

I would also like the questions to be grayed out on the tracker page when a student has edited their work. It would make it easier to regrade.

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I saw that – but that doesn’t help me. I can see I commented, but it doesn’t mean they did anything with it. It is still red because I haven’t checked it and given the points. I also don’t always comment when I want them to correct something. I also comment positively.

This also means that I still have to go into every single assignment. I would like something that alerts me that something has been changed since I last graded AND that something has newly been submitted.


That sounds like a program that is a bit more user-friendly in this regard…:slight_smile:

Yes, I love the feature and hope that more programs adopt the idea. With this push in education to encouage students to be persistent and to “try again,” it has improved my efficiency and student engagement. It also removed my reluctance to assign “Needs Teacher Assessment” questions, i.e. “short answers,” “essay questions,” etc. I like being able to have my students go back and try again whenever reasonable.

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