Remove Class From the Student View

A parent accidentally typed a sibling’s class code into their child’s account. Now the 3rd grade ELA is showing up on the 5th grade student’s account. On the teacher end, it does not show this discrepancy. How can a student remove a class on their end if they are not supposed to be a part of it?

Currently, a student can’t leave a class on their own. The teacher of “3rd grade ELA” would have to remove the student on their end.

@chris1 is correct, BUT the parent or student can choose to focus only on a specific class on the dashboard If they click on ‘all classes’ at the top, they choose which class they want to see… and ONLY the assignments for that class will show up on the dashboard list. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… and a quick way to get that ‘wrong’ teacher’s attention, is to open one of the assignments in that class… click on the first problem, and then in the comment section, type ‘remove me from class’. It will send a message to the other teacher, who will then remove the student from that class.