"Removing" used Categorize (Question Type) Answers as they are used

Can the Draggable Items in the Categorize question be hidden/removed as a student uses them.

My students are getting confused as to which answers they have already used.


Hi @mbrewer! Thanks for the suggestion! Currently, items are draggable into more than one category (i.e. they can be used more than once), which is why they don’t disappear from the list once they are dragged. But I can see your point about student confusion, and I will add your request to our Product Board for our team to view! Please keep the suggestions coming :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone! You might have noticed a shiny new question type was released last week… Matching! :tada:

Matching question - Formative

Unlike Categorize, in Matching questions, students have to match one item on the left with one on the right. (They can’t leave any items unmatched, or match more than one item.) Hopefully this is a useful new option for you all :sunglasses:


So, one-to-one, right? (Not many-to-one?)
Just want to clarify. Thanks!
If matching is 1-to-1, I would like to second the request for a disappearing many-to-one question type. Thanks for such a WONDERFUL product! I absolutely LOVE Formative! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @robyn.porter - yes, Matching is one-to-one!

I will add your request for a disappearing many-to-one question type to our product board :slightly_smiling_face:

And thank you for your kind comments! :blush: