Reporting to Other Stakeholders

Has anyone shared data from Formative with parents and/or administration? If so what were the results (positive/negative/impressed with/ what else could of helped)?

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I’ve had really positive responses from other stakeholders. I’ve used screenshots of my class results during a conference session (no student names), as well as with my colleagues. We use the data in our department to adjust our units.

Because I’m a fan of adding metacognitive and reflective questions (that aren’t worth any points) I’ve been able to share with parents and families during Parent-Student-Teacher conferences so they can see not only the ‘marks’ but also the thinking processes and opportunities for growth.


That’s cool. Assessment should be a guide for learning for sure. Great data and reflection opportunities using Formative. Thanks for sharing.


I love the idea of sharing not only their progress on class content, but also how they are thinking about learning. Here’s a set of formatives that you can use to help students reflect on learning in case you are interested in checking it out. They were originally submitted in our library by an educator named Sara Taylor:

Absent Friend

“Describe 3 Things We Learned in Class Today”

“Don’t Misunderstand Me…”

“Everyday Life Connection”

“Real World Application”

“Give me a . and a ?”



“This just in…”



These are great! Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome! I am glad you like them!

These are awesome! I was planning on having a short daily reflection and these give me some great ideas. After viewing those I wondered about having one ‘Daily Reflection’ Formative and putting “today’s” reflection prompt as #1 each day, adding on the previous . My hope was to have students be able to scroll back and hopefully see a positive change/mathematical growth over time.


I think that’s an awesome idea! @michael.lutz does something similar: