REQUEST: Hide comments

I would love to be able to hide the comments that I give on assessments until I am ready to release the results/assessments to the class.


^^^^^ 1000000000% I don’t want my kids to always have access to all of my test questions and I just realized that if they have discovered the comments section and I provided written comments, they now have a screenshot of their questions, answers, and my feedback.

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@NICHOLE_M_NELMARK @Katie_Martinez

I just came on here to make the same request! Is there a way to do that on our end? Can they still see comments when the assessment is closed? Even when I select “make it hidden” after submission, “don’t show scores,” and “don’t show answers,” the students say they cannot see the test itself, but they can still see my feedback. Especially when I write directly on their Show Your Work responses, which then reveals the problem, their work, and my feedback, I do not want them to be able to access this until everyone has taken the assessment and I am ready to release the results to the class.

Context - High school math class, using this platform for summative assessments even though it was originally designed for formative!

@chris1 - You have provided helpful responses to me in the past. Do you have any ideas about this? Thanks!


Still hoping this becomes a feature! I’ve found myself waiting to add grading comments until I know I can devote dedicated time to completing the entire class in one sitting. If I start making comments, I start getting replies and emails pretty quickly from some of my more engaged students. I’d love to keep them at bay until I’ve actually completed my grading!

Hey everyone! I voted on your behalves on our feedback page for this suggestion! I also would have loved this feature as a teacher!! Keep the amazing feedback comin’ :smile: