Request: Please post your amazing formatives to the Library

Hi everyone :wave:

We are expecting many new teachers to join us in the coming days and weeks as educators navigate the transition to online learning.

As a result, we have a request :pray:: if you have great formatives, especially if they cover an entire semester / course / year, would you consider posting them to the Library?

We think this would be an amazing help to teachers who are new to Formative, and looking for a starting point as they create formatives for their classes.

You can find out more about how to publish to the Library here. Note that if you select a folder to publish, that will automatically publish it as a bundle. Consider giving your formatives / bundles a title that will make them easily searchable!

From all at Formative, thank you :heart:


p.s. If you’ve already posted some great stuff, and don’t mind us sharing more widely, please let us know!

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I posted my content for Honors 9th grade Geo and 10-12th grade geo. I am in the process of making sure all WS are attached; but for not it is only things that were created after 3/16 that has questions imbedded. But please feel free to share, there is no reason anyone should be recreating the wheel right now.

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My concern is copyright issues. I “may” have scanned a picture from a book or used an audio that I’ve asked questions on. I will hunt for guidance on copyright, using pictures etc. I’ve shared with colleagues but only a few with the wider world.

I did a few as well, which is fun because I never have tried this before. It is always nice to see variations of teacher created assignments that I can copy and edit for my own students. This is one that I have used from a worksheet that I wanted to enhance with the help of Formative. It is “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins that I used for my 8th graders as an entry way to our poetry unit.

Here is one of my formatives that I would like to share. It is an activity where Ss can practice graphing and data analysis. I added in a couple of screencasts to instruct Ss on how to make and upload the graphs.

This is true - Never thought of that. I think some guidance in this area may be helpful.

I made this Formative using a worksheet from another website:

Now I’m questioning whether I am allowed to do that or not.

I presume Youtubers won’t mind us using their clips because they get more views which means more income.