Resequence Question Type

Hi everyone,

I have a suggestion as a language teacher.

Especially for language teachers, is it possible to make resequence question type horizontal as well?

For example, I ask my kids to order this sentence: years old / I / eight / am

When they do it vertically it doesn’t make that much sense in language concept :slight_smile:

But if they could put it in the correct order next to each other (not on top of each other) that would be much useful for me :slight_smile:


Agreed! I tried to do scrambled sentences with my students the other day and had to use the vertical resequence… It just wasn’t the same :frowning:

This would also be helpful for math lessons involving order numbers, integers, fractions, etc.

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RE: scrambled sentences - Could you do that with a written response type question? The prompt is scrambled and students retype it in the correct order as the answer.