Results disappear

While my students were taking a test, my results page suddenly refreshed and their answers disappeared. For instance, one student had answered the first 10 of 25 questions correctly, and those answers were changed to zeros (and their total grade decreased proportionately). Also, when I clicked on a student name on the results page while the test was being taken, some of that student’s answers were deleted and their grade was lowered.
I don’t doubt this is user error, but I am concerned about losing their results in the middle of an open, live test.
Help please.

Hi there, thanks for posting in the forum.

Can you contact (or use the Intercom widget in the app) and supply the URL of the formative, the question for which this occurring, and the student email. Seems like the student is just changing their answer and you’re seeing the result of that, but it’s difficult to tell for sure unless we get some more info.