Return Scores - Now, Later, Never?

Looking for advice and feedback on the return scores choices. I feel like I’m kind of hit/miss with returning scores when they submit or not. I can’t decide what I like.

Sometimes I fine value for students to not only see their score but I also allow changes to submission (is there a way to see how often they check to see if they are correct?).

Other times I feel like I can’t keep up with the “Correct answer” so students think they are incorrect but it’s only because they typed in 6 boxes instead of just the number 6.

Any chance Formative is looking to do a number validation like Google Forms provides?
Would love suggestions! I teach math!


Not yet, but we are definitely considering this!

We are also considering this too! Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks David!
I look forward to continuing to find ways to use Formative.

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Adding to @kquinn: I love the return scores option, but I wish that I can choose which questions I want to return scores. Often, I mix short answer with multiple choice items, and returning scores instantly on multiple choice is not wise for obvious reasons. =) However, I love returning scores on short answers. Wish list?

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This is an interesting idea! Another feature we are currently considering is giving you the ability to limit the number of student attempts allowed for closed questions (ex: Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection). Would this meet your needs or is there another reason you’d like to return scores for short answers questions independent of other ones? We are discussing this in this thread if you want to check it out:

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That would be great. I like the idea to limit the attempts.

Also, it would be nice to see how many attempts a kid takes to get an answer as well.

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Thanks, Kelly! We are going to add this one to our feature vote this week! :wink:

This is also a great idea!

Being from the Midwest…I love the “go Green” (tip to Michigan State Spartans) ability to show the responses-anonymously of course (no shaming)

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@rkuzmanic GO WHITE! I am one of the co-founders and I went to MSU. Your comment made my day :slight_smile: today’s outfit

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