Returning Grades and submitting student answers with feedback

I’ve just released my marks to my students from Formative(synced to Google Classroom). The kids aren’t seeing their answers, only their marks.
Even though they login to formative they still do not have access to their quiz answers and my feedback.

I don’t want them to have instant access either. As other classes still need to take the quiz.

What options should I be choosing in order for them to see what they have got right or wrong plus my responses?


Sounds like you have it set to ‘Don’t show answers.’

Click on ‘Don’t show answers’ and it will give you options for when to release the answers.

For the first option students MUST click on the submit button in Formative to see the answers.
“Instantly” gives them red/green bubbles as they answer the questions.
“When closed” will keep scores until the assignment automatically closes OR when you manually close an assignment.


Thank you so much for the help.

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The Adjust Settings (Optional) tab should remove the word optional as it is crucial to adjust or check the settings before assigning the formative to groups. Discovered these settings by trial and error. Showing scores and correct answers after submission is one of the most useful (but hidden) features.

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Replying to myself mostly but I discovered that I could change my default response settings when I clicked on my initials/account button and clicked settings. That speeds things up for creating Formatives. Here’s one I did adapting a paper grammar assessment we use for diagnostics into a Formative for summative review the students could do now they are working from home. It will be useful for next academic year. Clone code JW9SH7

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Thank you for all the help.