Reusing Formatives From Last Year

So I have a bit of a problem using formatives that I’ve used last year. Some, not all, of my formatives will show my student’s responses from last year when I click on the “All” option on the left side. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t want to see their responses anymore. Like I’ve said, it’s only with some of my formatives and not all. Did I not unassign it last year?

Just to add, “Guest Students” is turned off and it is only assigned to my current classes.

Thanks for any help.

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I had one or two quirky things earlier in the school year when assigning formatives from last year that were minor and I can’t even recall what they were now. I now typically clone a new copy, delete the old, and then assign for this year’s students and everything has been working great!


@shafferj Happy Sunday and sorry to hear that you are facing this issue! That’s definitely odd and I just sent you a message via the chat icon in the bottom right of your Formative dashboard so we can get this resolved!

On top of @mnunkester’s great workaround, on the Totals view, you can also click on a student’s name to remove their set of responses:

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@david - does your workaround work for the students in which I have in multiple classes or do I need to do this class by class? This is definitely something that I will need to be able to do for next year. Thanks.

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@Rachel_Kerr Deleting a student’s set of responses doesn’t really depend on whether they are just in one of your classes or in multiple classes. In either case, you can go into the formative and delete their set of responses.

That being said, I would use @mnunkester 's workaround if you are just trying to start fresh with your formatives (delete all the student responses). You can just copy the formatives and delete the originals. The copies will not have any student responses associated with them!