Rotating Questions and Answers

Is there a setting or another way (that I am not seeing) to have questions rotate and/or the answers on one assignment? Basically, so that my students are all answering the same questions, but are answering them in a different order.


Hey Allen! Not currently, but a “scrambling” feature like this would be great and is definitely in the plans for the future. I am recording your feedback to help us prioritize what we are creating! We really appreciate it!

Something you might want to try as a workaround for the time being is making a copy of a formative and changing the order of the copy. You could then assign different copies to different students and classes!


Yep that works great. Thanks.

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Question scramble would be massive! In the meantime, nice workaround @david :clap: :smile:


Thanks Kelly! I appreciate it! Also, I noted that you want it as well :slight_smile:

This would be awesome. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback Pebble! We just noted it!

I agree that question scramble would be really helpful. I take my students to a cramped computer lab to have them use Formative, and cheating is a problem. (Sigh.) I have created different groups of students (basically many small classes), so I assign each group a different quiz version. But I’m nowhere near as efficient at randomizing as a computer would be!


Thanks for the feedback Claire! We record every piece!

I think the other bonus to scrambling is for easy retrieval practice. I know that is wouldn’t take long to edit/duplicate and scramble on the new copy, but if you forget to set it up or need to set it in a hurry (student request or substitute lesson plans for example) an automatic scramble would be great. It would also keep your formatives cleaner as you would only need one version of the formative, rather than a bunch of scrambled versions.


I could definitely see this being very convenient! Thanks for the additional details :grinning:

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Having randomized order of answers would also help with the “cheating” aspect in my high school classes. Great idea and I hope to see that on goFormative soon!


@kelly.r.gilbert Thanks for the feedback! We record every piece we get!

I just had students taking a test today ask if the questions were scrambled or all the same. I agree having a scramble button or option would be awesome.


It would also help make sure that you don’t have too many answer choices that are the same.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: To clarify, are you saying that being able to scramble answer choices or questions would help with this? Do you mean that the wouldn’t be the same in terms of order or are you also envisioning that you are pulling in new answer choices for different students? (Ex: One of Fred’s answer choices is: “purple”. Katie doesn’t have that choice).

I just meant that half the test wouln’t be choice A because I wanted to make that I included the correct answer as I put in all of the choices.


Thanks Carrie! We appreciate the feedback. We record every piece!

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It would be nice to have the option to:
a. scramble questions (not answer choices)
b. scramble answer choices (not questions)
c. Scramble both answer choices and questions

mixing it up helps keep kids on their toes!


Thanks Pebble! I like the idea of being able to scramble these things independently of each other and have noted your feedback!