Rubrics now please!

I’ve been using rubrics and I’m kinda going a little bit crazy about not being able to make hubris that I like in formative. I can make what I want with Google forms, but then I’m not able to see the data the same way… I love how the data is so easy to analyze with formative.

This is the best I’ve come up with so fast… But I need to know… Any better ways?


Hi! Just so that I’m understanding this, you’re asking for embedded rubrics that students can use for reflection purposes, correct? Or are you asking for rubric scoring of Formatives in addition to points scoring? Or both?

I’m pretty desperate for rubric scoring. With more and more schools moving toward mastery learning/competency-based learning/standards-based grading, I think it would help so many teacher if, instead of giving points to responses in a Formative, they could rate each response (or an entire Formative) on the extent to which it has met an expectation or standard. I know I’ve discussed this offline with Dave before. Maybe the programmers are already working on this?


Agreed. This would open up many other possibilities on Formative.


I would definitely love to discuss this with my team. I’m hoping some more folks could chime in here with their thoughts.

I’m trying to think of ways we could implement this. Toggles always come to mind for me–toggle on/off points grading.

I am also in need of a rubric “function.” Our school & district are moving towards more use of rubrics as well.

Possible Idea?

  • When “Editing” the formative have a “rubric” option. If selected, the user can create their own or retrieve one that they have already created from some sort of “bank?”

  • Then, when you go to the “View Responses” section of a formative and you click on a specific problem, in the side screen that pops up, the rubric appears. Then the teacher looks at the student response, and clicks on the “button” under each of the criteria that best matches. When all the “buttons” have been clicked, the program can then tabulate a total score for that item.


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On a related note, it would be nice to be able to give sliding scale survey like questions.

I’d love to be able to give a reflection formative at the end of each class period:
“My effort today: from 1 to 5”
“My note taking: from 1 to 5” etc.

In my own opinion, if we could grade OPEN RESPONDSE/RECORDING RESPONDSE with rubrics it will make student learning more meaningful and teacher grading cut in half! PLEASE WE NEED THIS.