Scheduling Formatives to Assign Automatically

I am new to Google classroom this year. When I schedule a formative for the future on the Go Formative site, and then click to “add to Google classroom”, the formative becomes live as soon as it is posted to Classroom even though I have scheduled it for a different day and time.

If I don’t post to Google while I’m planning, I concerned that I’ll forget to and then students won’t have access.

Is there a way to keep it in “schedule” mode and still post to Classroom?


I feel your pain. I posted a very similar post a few years ago concerning this. The only workaround I could do was to copy the link for the GoFormative and place it in a scheduled assignment in Google Classroom. If I schedule a post, I have the ability to choose when it goes out (date and time). I hope this helps. Have a great evening.

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I do the same thing. :slight_smile: Have you tried posting to 1 ‘individual’ student and then opening it up to everyone on the day ‘of’? Maybe that will work.

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