Scores getting "stuck" in the Tracker

I’ve been having a lot of troubles using the Tracker. I have assignments that are stuck at a score, even though the student finished. For example, I have a student who’s score is frozen at 50% on the Tracker even though she finished it long ago. I have scores that are a blank even though the student has a score.

These scores linger like this even past a refresh or a logout/login. The scores just won’t update.

I have my time filter set at All-Time so it’s not a work outside of the Time-Frame issue.

I’ve sent this to Customer Service several times and they are looking into it. I’m just wondering if I am the only one.

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I have experienced this issue but I have also found a workaround.

  1. First make sure students have submit the assignment and if not force submit it for them.

  2. Randomly click on the correct and wrong grades and goformative correctly recalculates the score. I have verified it a few times and it seems to always fix itself.

I do agree that this part of the system needs a closer look.

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I found this to be true UNTIL I refreshed my browser. :slight_smile: I found that if I left my Tracker window ‘open’ and tried to come back, that it would still have the old scores even after I graded the assignment. I did the same thing if I switched views from one class to the next… scores were still frozen.

Maybe a ‘update scores’ button that would quickly update the scores instead of reloading the entire page would be helpful.

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