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I’m wondering if there is a way to score a question a student respond to? For example, I have a student that just worked on a quiz. 10 questions. He answered 7 correctly, but skipped 3. His score shows as 100%. He doesn’t have a 100%. He has a 70%.

It seems that if a student skips a question, it doesn’t count. How do I change that? How can I make it so that if you don’t answer it, it is a 0?


Hi @mervin!

Thanks for your post!

We have been updating the way we grade responses to a more standards-based grading system. This started with the Tracker and student dashboard, and the scores in View Responses have recently been updated to match.

This update does mean that the students’ scores are based only on questions they have answered so far - until they submit their formative. When they submit, any unanswered questions are automatically graded as incorrect (assuming that you have an answer key for those questions).

You can always check whether students have submitted (and how far they are through each assignment) on your View Responses page. In addition, we recently added a “force submit” feature there, which allows you to submit on a student’s behalf:

This will update the student’s score so that unanswered questions are graded as zero (you may have to refresh the page). Be aware that you cannot undo force submission.

I hope this info helps!


So a couple of things…

First of all, these really sucks. I put a time limit on my Formatives, otherwise they will never submit it and be able to access it at any time. So this means that I have to go in to each student (75) individually and “force submit”. This greatly affects my use of this program. I use this to save time in grading and now it’s going to greatly increase my amount of time as I go through each individual student to “force submit”…Extremely disappointed in this…PLEASE revert this back…or at least give us the option!

Secondly, I just tried to do force submit one student and it gave me an error.

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 5.16.44 PM


Hi @mervin! I want to clarify my message earlier. Your students still submit their own formatives as usual, and any unanswered (skipped) questions that have an answer key will be auto-graded with a zero at that point. The force submission option is just for occasions when a student might have forgotten to submit (or the deadline has passed), and you’d like to update the scoring to incorporate unanswered questions.

So you definitely shouldn’t have to force submit for all 75 students, unless (:scream:) all 75 forget to submit for some reason!

The percentage next to a student’s name will continue to update as they work through the formative, and you can see on the View Responses page how far through each student is (make sure that you’re looking at “Totals”). So we hope that the View Responses page is still giving you really useful information - how much progress each student is making, whether they’re getting questions right - and then when it’s time to enter grades into a gradebook (if you do that), you can use the force submission feature for any student that doesn’t have a check mark next to their name.

I hope that makes sense! I’m sorry to hear about the error message - if that continues to happen, could you write in to our support team using our messenger (click on the question mark icon at the top right of the page, then click “Start a conversation with us”) so that they can investigate? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

My students don’t “forget” to submit…I CLOSE the formative at a certain time and at time most, or a large number of them haven’t submitted by the time it closes for various reasons – for example, they are not on task and aren’t able to finish, or I’ve given it for sub work and I don’t want to give them time to cheat, but they aren’t going to submit it on their own – that happened today. NONE of them submitted it and I was watching their progress. Many of them got on, answered a couple of questions, and then didn’t touch it for 30 minutes. I’m not going to leave it open for them to get the answers from their friends later in the day. So I’m going to have to “force submit” every single kid. I also often grade on a curve. So if by the time it closes, the majority of the students were only able to answer x number of questions, I will grade on that curve. I have way too many students that are off task to not put a time restriction…and thus they don’t get submitted. So I have a SUBSTANTIAL number of students every day that I’m going to have to “force submit”. Often times, yes, I will have to force submit close to 50 every day. Extremely annoying and disappointing.


Wholeheartedly agree! It’s been a huge problem for me when trying to grade, too. Students are swindling their parents into thinking they are done because it tells them they have a 100… even though they only answered 1 out of 20 questions… I’m answering parent complaints saying their kids did the work, but I have a missing in the grade book… I’m having to manually scan each kid’s completion instead of just copying a grade. It’s made a time sink that I’m not thrilled with. A question skipped is a question not answered correctly.

It would be delightful if this were an option we could toggle on or off in our preferences: to grade skipped questions as 0 points or not to count them in the %.


I love being able to force submit those few kids that ‘forget’ to click the submit button. However, I agree with @mervin… until a ‘submit all’ option is available this won’t be much faster than hand-calculating scores. Sometimes, I too,

Time limits are great for bell ringers/exit tickets, or simply for holding students responsible for meeting a deadline. If there was a way to either toggle between formative & standard grading OR a way to select all or multiple students to ‘force submit’ it would be much better.

I also have the same problem as @jenny.santiano. Many students try to ‘game’ the system. I already have students who refuse to answer X number of questions because they meet the ‘mastery’ percentage I have for my class.However, even the hard-working kids are confused. Their dashboard shows ‘green’ 100% and they skip the assignment because it looks ‘done.’

To segue off her other comment…

… the toggle feature for the Tracker would be awesome as well. It seems to me that the Tracker and the Response pages are using the same coding. The Tracker used to show scores only for those assignments that had been started. Then the Tracker was changed to show colors… and all the non-attempted assignments showed as 0% (red). This in turn, added an option in the Feature Vote to stop those assignments from being ‘red’… and the ‘standards based grading’ coding was implemented.

To wrap up, I use both types of grading in my class. When the scores were points-based, I could easily convert to standards-based (or participation scores) or even ‘curve’ the scores based on the most problems attempted during a set time. However, taking a ‘standards based’ grading system and converting it into a points-based system takes A LOT of time. So much time that it would take more time to build a formative and convert it for my purpose… then it would to just give the kids a worksheet and grade it by hand.


So…I just went and tried force submitting a students’ response…and it’s even worse!!! So before force submitting, a student had a 50%. They answered 4/8 correct, out of 11 total questions (they skipped 3 questions). When I force submitted, it went to 0%. It shows 4/11, but says 0%. That’s even worse!!! I am incredibly disappointed with this system, now…especially paying over $100 a year to use it. It’s supposed to make things easier for me. I am already looking at other platforms because this just isn’t going to work. I hope it can be fixed and be more usable within the next few weeks. I’m incredibly upset about this.


Hi @mervin, I just sent you a message through the Formative site. If you have technical issues like this in future, our messenger is the quickest way to get them resolved :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough feedback, everyone! @tricia.mintner @jenny.santiano We take feedback from our educators very seriously and we will be discussing your ideas. We will keep you all posted on any future changes!


I didn’t even know it was a technical issue, or I would have reported it…I did respond to your email, though…

Thanks for listening – I really do hope that it goes to at least having the option of grading systems; otherwise I don’t believe it’s going to save me any more time, which is incredibly upsetting since I’ve already invested a ton of time into creating these Formatives for the past year. :frowning:


I agree with what has been said, and adding another issue. I used the force submit for the first time for one student who had not completed 4 questions. The force submit eliminated all the responses he had actually done, and auto graded de 4 he did not complete as a zero, effectively giving him an absolute zero. Thankfully I only did it for one student, but of course this is a deal braker for me to use this particular feature.

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Hi @mgarcia - I’m so sorry that you experienced this issue! Did you try refreshing the page? We have had some reports of teachers having the same issue, but when they refreshed, the correct score appeared. We’re also working to fix this ASAP so that the correct score is there from the start!

If you refresh and the score is still incorrect, would you mind sending a screenshot of the issue through our chat feature? (To find it, click on the question mark icon near the top right of the page in Formative, then click on the “Start a conversation with us” button.) Thank you!

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After refreshing the correct score is there. Thanks.

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Great! Glad to hear that, @mgarcia :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll keep you all posted as we continue to improve this feature.

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I didn’t read this whole thread, but I also have been very unhappy with the new feature (where the true grade is not shown unless students submit). I have numerous students that don’t submit their assignment, because they don’t complete it. Then I have to go back through and look at who submitted and who didn’t and manually calculate grades (or “force submit,” which I just learned about reading this thread. It’s a lot of unnecessary work put on teachers, who already have too much to do.


Hey Monika, so sorry to hear that you feel this way but I’ll be sure to share your feedback with my team. Let me ask, would you prefer a reverse situation where we have teachers mark that they don’t want responses scored (if, for example, a student is absent)?

That wouldn’t really affect me one way or the other. If student are absent and I decide to close a formative, I just use the option where I can keep it open for individual students. I was really happy with how things were on Go Formative a few months ago. In fact, I don’t think I had any complaints then.


@Jill_Nyahay - how close are we to having the ‘force submit all’ option? OR… COULD there by an option at the top to toggle between “Formative” and “Actual” scores? Right now we click on Percent (%) vs. Points (pts). WHAT IF we could add a THIRD option to the cycle? …pts…F%…A%… where F% is the Formative grade on ONLY what has been attempted… and A% is the actual score (like if submitted)?


That’s a great idea!
Today we needed to get some sort of participation/engagement score to use in team formation and discovered this issue. A real disappointment!
Force submit all and the new score mode you propose is a real must for some use cases…

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Please change this back to scoring unanswered items as zero! or give us the option to set these behaviors please!!!
Now I understand why I considered tracker broken (look back at my posts about this a year ago).

" This update does mean that the students’ scores are based only on questions they have answered so far - until they submit their formative. When they submit, any unanswered questions are automatically graded as incorrect (assuming that you have an answer key for those questions).
I dont always want to put an answer in for many reasons.