Searching and organizing formatives

  1. How do you search your own formatives? Is there a way to search your own formatives rather than go through all the folders that you have?

  2. Is there a way for students to organize the formatives assigned to them by unit? I know that they are organized by class, but can they further organize them?


I also agree with @Christina_Chin that formative should improve the student’s interface. When student look at it, it just has lots of the formatives without order…

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Hello! I created the Core Aligned Target Questions for our district in Formative. We use folders. A large amount of folders. I’d recommend that if you haven’t already. There’s also a sort by feature at the top right of the home page.

There isn’t a general search function, and there should be. I’m sure the team is hard at work on it (hint hint). My other trick is, with students, is to make sure they complete them and organize by date.

Hope this helps and feel free to reach out!