Seating Charts based on Goformative results

I wanted to know if anyone else would find this helpful…would anyone else use results from goformative to create flexible/ability level groups and seating charts?

This usually takes me forever. My entire lesson plans change and seating chart changes often when I give a goformative. For example…all the greens in one group, all of the yellows in one group, reds in one group, etc. Then I work with the yellows and reds more. It just takes a lot of time to group like this. I either group the students together based on which problems they got right/wrong or group them with 1 high, 2 medium, 1 low and have them teach each other. If there was an easy way to look at the view total responses page and then make a seating chart dragging the students into groups. Instead of having to handwrite every name and hope I didn’t miss anyone in my grouping…I think this option would be really helpful.

WOuld anyone else use this?


I would totally use this!! Grouping is VERY time consuming. The fastest way I’ve used GoFo tor group so far is to sort Hi-Lo and the copy and past select specific sections… easiest if all the same ability. It would be AWESOME if I could click: LIKE GROUPS (homogeneous grouping) or MIXED GROUPS (heterogeneous grouping), as my needs change from day to day… or based on how many students mis/understood the concept. If a seating chart option was not possible, I could do with a boxes/lists of students grouped by like/mixed filter. I love the idea of a drag and drop seating chart, but I’d love it even better if I could click and let a program presort, and then let me drag and drop/exchange students to customize the groups based on my knowledge of the students in my class. :slight_smile:


I love that idea!!! I think presorted groups (mixed or like groups) would be amazing! And then maybe you can move people around as needed and then print the new seating chart!

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This would be an amazing tool! I would definitely use it.

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LOVE IT. This would be fantastic

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DEFINITELY! I would use this if it were a feature.

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I would totally use this.

I would do my seating charts based off of a pre-unit assessment. See where students are. I am a math teacher. So my students have different strengths with different topics. So if I were to do this, I would move seats with different units, if needed.

But having something that would help me do this easier I’m all for it.

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Such a good idea. I would totally use this. A quick button to recommend the groups would be great!

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