See, Think, Wonder Thinking Routine

Check out this Formative:

I like to start my 4th grade Social Studies classes with thinking routines like See, Think, Wonder. I created this very basic Formative with an image of a Native American ritual dance and added prompts for the students to record their answers.

Previously, I had students share their thinking out loud but it was always the same 5 or 6 students sharing. Now, students feel more comfortable sharing their thinking because no one besides me will see it if they don’t want. We still share out loud but I have found that the recording of answers creates more participation.

I use thinking routines in math as well and have found Formatives to be much more engaging in that subject as well!


Was this a homework or class assignment?

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We did it in class as a whole group warm up activity

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Okay cool. Looks good.


@bertrams_nick I am trying to take a look at your formative, but it’s currently only visible to your classes :slight_smile: Would you mind sharing the clone link?

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