Seeing most recent activity for a class

Is there a way to see a list of the most recent formatives submitted by students in a class? I know I can click on individual students to see what they’ve submitted but I would love to be able to see which formatives are recently submitted and need feedback as my students complete things at different times. At the moment I’m clicking on each formative to see if there are any new answers.

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You can filter the tracker by date. Then it will only show assignments that were worked on during that time period.

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also, if you allow revisions, an exclamation mark will pop up on a student’s formative to alert you that they’ve made the revision.

Thank you!
It doesn’t really work for what I need it to, though, as I can’t track scores to within hours, or since the last time I logged in.

I wish this was an option, too. Until Formative implements such a feature, one workaround is to create a Google Form for students to fill out as they complete their work. I have the Form collect their email addresses, but they select ‘Done’ or ‘Need Help’ for the first question. The second question is where they copy and paste the URL for the Formative.

The Form generates a spreadsheet that I use to help me grade. I sort by URL so those who completed the same assignment are graded at the same time. :slight_smile: Then you can make a copy of the response tab if you want the records, or you can simply clear the form responses (on the Sheet and from the Form) when you are finished grading. This method is good if you have several Formatives being worked on at the same time and you don’t want to open every assignment. You can insert a hyperlink at the end of each Formative or just share the Form with your students.

Another strategy I use to help expedite my grading is to leave the last problem without an answer key. When I do this, the ‘bubble’ stays grey and only changes colors after I grade that question. This way, I can which students still need work graded in that assignment. This is great if you have 1-3 assignments active at the same time. I hold CTRL when I click on a Formative and it opens in a new tab. I repeat this for all the Formatives I am actively monitoring. I can rotate through the tabs and check for new grey bubbles at the end.

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