Seeking Advice on Soc Studies Formative

I have created a Document Based Formative for my US History class NBAZLL or

I have incorporated embedded videos, and quizlet, as well as used the “catagorize” feature for the first time!

This formative will take several days to complete and will be scaffolded with classroom instruction/discussions and individual student conferences
Thanks in advance for your constructive criticism!


This is a really awesome formative! I love how you list the essential questions at the top so that students can keep them in mind as they complete the formative. I think it’s a great way to encourage them to reflect upon their learning and determine what they need to work on. Our @Tracking_Eds team is currently thinking about ways to encourage students to take greater ownership over the formative assessment process and I think this is a great strategy.

I also love how you are using Quizlet to help students review their knowledge of rhetoric and then asking them to demonstrate it with that Categorize question. I think that your use of this question type is a great way for them to strengthen their understanding of logos, ethos, and pathos because they are compartmentalizing actual examples of each. Bravo!

@SSHistory_Educators ! I definitely encourage you to check out this formative and share your thoughts! I didn’t teach Social Studies and would be curious to hear the insights of people who have :slight_smile:

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By the way, I noticed that you included a link in your formative. Did you know that you can now hyperlink them so that students simply need to click to visit the external webpage? Also, if you want to adjust the width of your embedded item like Quizlet, you can simply edit the embed code. You would just change “width=100%” to some pixel value like “width=1000” (to make it wider)!


How do you hyperlink?

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You can simply highlight the text, select the hyperlink option, and then paste in a URL that you want your students to go to.Here’s an example: