Seeking example of differentiation models for U.S. History

Heyo! I’ve been working to integrate GoFormative into my lesson planning. At the beginning, I used it more for formal assessments as this was how it was introduced to us. However, after looking at the community thoughts, I began to branch out and developed some Primary and Secondary resource analysis activities.

I was hoping to hear from more seasoned GoFormative history teachers that may have begun to explore the abilities of GoFormative to differentiate their lessons. Next year, one of my personal goals is to provide more selection opportunities to my students (I will be in my second year of total integration)

Any ideas are welcome and if you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you.


My current passion is embedding videos through edpuzzle. History channel, Hip Huges and crash course have great videos on common history and government topics. Edpuzzle is free and allows you to upload a video, crop it and add questions thoughout. I use these videos to reinorce lectures and as a way for students to review material. It is great for e-learning days or days when you have to use a sub. below is an example of a short embedded edpuzzle formative.
Treaty of Versailles Big Idea HH
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I am a huge edpuzzle fan too. I usually give my students one video they must watch and one that is opinional. I have had great success with the students watching both of the videos. Sometimes I might need to tell a few students “hey you seem to be struggling why don’t you watch this view” but it works. I have even had students ask for more than 2 on a subject.