Seeking Tips for Viewing Responses

I have a question about looking at responses. I usually prefer looking at an “all the responses for a question” view when assessing … like this picture:

However, once in a while it would be nice to toggle to an “all responses by one student” view. This is especially important when one question builds upon another question. For example, If I had three questions like this:

  1. Identify your research question.
  2. State your hypothesis
  3. Predict what your data would look like if your hypothesis was supported

With so many possible scenarios it really pays to look at the three questions as a unit. I know I could put all three questions into one question, but I have found that many students miss one of the questions when there are more questions asked than there are answer spaces. I also know I could use the below view when I look at a classes’ responses:

However, the view all responses per question view to me is more appealing and easier to view when I assess. It just feels quicker. So it would be cool to be able to toggle between an “all responses per student” view that looks similar to an “all responses per question” view.
The other option is to just see a list view of all responses per student (or even an all responses per question), almost the way responses come into a google sheet from a google form, instead of in the boxes like the top picture.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to get the view I am talking about? If not could I request it as a feature?


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You can click on the student’s first response and then look at their next response using the little arrow toggle feature under their name. I don’t know of a way to see a student’s responses all at once.

You can see under the student’s name, it says Questions 3 and there is a forward and back arrow. I don’t know if this is helpful. You probably already knew this but I just thought I would mention it in case.


If you visit the student growth tracker, you can click on a student’s score for a formative and see all their responses in the side panel (in descending order). You can score from there as well! It’d be great to hear what you think!