Selecting incorrect and unanswered Submissions

I think there is a lot of value in creating a select all incorrect and/or unanswered submissions at once. I know there is a select all feature, and I know how to switch the response view, but these features do little when a majority of my 120 students either have incorrect answers or have not tried the question. I have done some quick calculations and I am grading around 8000 responses a week. A large portion of those responses are graded by hand. I am looking for ways to speed up my grading and feedback.

I select all, mark them all wrong (if majority are correct) and then while still all selected, go one by one and deselect the wrong ones, and when I’ve gone through, mark the balance all correct.

I do that too when I have a particularly easy question. I am really interested in selecting incorrect answers only to begin with. Also, I have noticed that the servers that Formative uses do not like it when I start selecting 120 to 130 show your work questions at the same time. I have a fairly decent internet connection (1,000Mbps), but the lag between me entering a score and it registering can take minutes, and I frequently have to close Formative and restart it because it froze.